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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  February 25, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that could mean big problems with downed trees and power lines. >> and that warning remains in to that -- in effect until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night. >> on hd doppler, we have seen this storm taking the security to route around us, coming out way over the ocean. now it is starting to come westbound toward york city, l.i., and southern new england. -- toward new york city, long island, and southern new england. it looks like it will come into northern pennsylvania and southern new york state. a lot of this snow we have seen in pennsylvania will work back down into maryland. the storms strengthening will mean it will buffet as with some very strong winds. that is where the high wind warning is in effect. -- that is why the high wind warning is in effect. do you think folks are ready for the second part of this storm?
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>> i think they are, considering what we have had the past couple of weeks. i think we will be ok. things have picked up here in northwest baltimore in the past couple of hours. nothing crazy, but you can tell the queen has picked up. the main concern will be power outages -- the wind has picked up. the main concern will be power outages. you get a good guest of wind and the saturated ground and the wind is going to not that tree down -- not that tree down. but b.g.e. says they are prepared for whatever happens. >> not so much a major snow event, but rather, a major wind event. we could have sustained gusts at 30 miles per hour with wind gusts at 50. there may be difficulties
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sending personnel around the viewing area with 20 stores. >> we have personnel ready to go at a moment's notice. we will adjust our resources accordingly. >> p.g. is also reminding customers never to approach down the line and to call them if your power goes off. >> never assume that we know. the calls help us to understand the scope of the outage and restore it faster. >> if the winds are in excess of 25 miles per hour, they are not allowed to use bucket trucks because of safety concerns. there is a chance that for some people the power out -- could be out for more than a day it is a difficult repair. keep the following items online -- on hand just in case. several batteries for
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flashlights and no cameras. a chorus line phone as well as a fully charged cellphone, nonperishable -- a courted line phone as well as a fully charged cellphone, and nonperishable foods. and of course, blankets. >> for the very latest forecast, you can continue to monitor our interactive radar on our website. you can also join the weather discussion using our live blog. be sure to send us your pictures. it is all at the home page of >> the investigation and trial of mayor sheila dixon has pushed for an ethics reform in the city. but change may not come so quickly. jayne miller is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> lack of content -- there is confusion and a lack of
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interest that seem to be at work in the councicity councl meeting last night. >> known as the loophole, or a reference to sheila dixon's at one time boyfriend and the gift he gave her because he did not technically have ties to working for the city. at the council hearing last night, there were quick -- plenty of questions. >> i just need to understand all the words and what they mean in the definition. >> jack young comment on whether the new rules would apply to what he likes to do with community organizations. >> i direct with companies like pepsi-cola, or any other company
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because they contribute to the picnic. i cannot do that anymore? >> does pitzi do business with the city? >> absolutely they do. >> there has been a lot of things on the books and it has always been muddy water. there is no clear direction. >> a second ethics bill would change the makeup of the city ethics board to make it more independent. that was also considered, but neither foot -- neither bill got to a vote. committee member bill henry left early, taking with him the needed quorum. council member bill cole is a co-sponsor. >> i think is important to note for the record that the city is using to delay the two most of -- most significant ethics reform bills in the last 25 years because we do not have enough participants to go.
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>> the committee chairs that he was prepared to get a vote last night. -- the committee chair said he was prepared to get a vote last night. they will meet again on monday. >> new mayor stephanie rawlings- blake has made her picked for the inspector general, a position that investigates fraud and waste and abuse in city government. >> a bill under consideration in annapolis makes first-time drunken driving offenses -- offenders, rather, to have to install a breathalyzer in their cars. the legislation has also proven to be controversial. david collins joins us with more on that story. >> the controversy and concern is a two-fold. it involves judicial power and a cash strapped state agency.
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>> the only physical thing that i have left of my daughter is a lock of hair and i never go anywhere without it. >> paula is on a crusade to eliminate drunken-driving. she lost her 18-year-old daughter in a car crash by a repeat offender. she is working on legislation that would make first-time offenders to have to pass a breathalyzer test in order to make their cars start. >> i wanted to take it into something that helps others. >> we got this legislation out of the maryland state senate last year. >> the maryland "eliminate drug driving act" has brought in bipartisan support. >> we are learning across this nation that wherever this device is used for at least six months, it begins to change the thought process of the person that gets
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behind the wheel if they have been drinking. >> estimates -- experts estimate that about one-third of drivers whose licenses have been suspended continue to drive, and they claim that offenders after been drunk at least 87 times before getting arrested -- the offenders have been drunk at least 87 times before getting arrested. >> law enforcement is the best one who is capable of deciding whether ain't -- an offender needs the device installed in their car or not. >> some law enforcement agencies believe the agency cannot handle the responsibility. but still, for people such as paulick, the legislation is long overdue. -- for people such as paula, the
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legislation is long overdue. >> some lawmakers contend it would be a financial burden for offenders. it would cost offenders about $80 per month. >> tonight for the first time, we are hearing from a former member of a religious group that authorities describe as a cold. she says she did not feed a starving toddler because she was afraid of the consequences. gary simsbarry simms is outsidee courthouse. >> daniel smith said she did not do anything to help the toddler because she was too afraid. the grandmother of javon thompson wet and left the courtroom in tears when prosecutors showed jurors this suitcase. it was found in april 2008 inside a philadelphia shed. a forensic investigator
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testified that when investigators opened it, they noticed the odor of a decomposing body, dreier sheets and mothballs. three members of a cult are accused in the child's death there representing themselves in court. daniel smith, a former member, testified that the child would not say amen at meals. smith also told jurors she did not feed the boy because she was afraid of what queen antoinette might do to her. after the child died, smith. for the child record -- resurrection. smith testified that queen antoinette made her sleep in the back bedroom with the child decomposing body. >> i think she was more afraid
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of what would happen to her. i mean, if someone would treat a baby like that, who knows what she would do. >> jurors asked questions like, did javon thompson normally say amen at the end of prayers? smith testified, no, he would say something similar, but unclear. the boy's grandmother says -- she was committed to a psychiatric hospital for a time after the incident. the boy's grandmother says it shows they were tried to cover it up. >> queen antoinette asked her, prior to the child's death, why didn't you just pick up the child and me? she replied, because the board was heavy, the front door was locked and she feared. >> stay with us.
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there is more news ahead at 11 news -- on 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> a preview of the finals in vancouver, coming up. >> a high wind warning overnight tonight. this storm off the coast is still having a major impact of the mid-atlantic and northeast. 35 at the airport. the west wind have diminished a the west wind have diminished a bit
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>> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a powerful storm getting stronger off the coast and beginning to move closer to us. it is out of the ocean and moving toward long island, nyc and eventually pennsylvania.
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the colder air is getting into just west of the huts and value it -- valley into new york state. -- the hudson valley into new york state. in our region we have seen some of snow showers coming down out of pennsylvania into central and eastern maryland as well. this system over the atlantic is getting stronger and is expected to come into upstate new york and northern pennsylvania in the next 24 hours or so. with that in mind, the national weather service is maintaining warnings and advisories from northern new england and upstate new york to the eastern shore of maryland and all the way down to the appellations of western north carolina. there's a winter weather revisory around baltimore and a high wind warning. this may be the most important part of the storm. we expect strong wind gusts, may
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be topping 50 miles per hour at times late tonight and throughout the morning hours tomorrow. biden down the hatchets and bring in anything that could get -- batten down the hatches and bring in anything that could get blown around. this is the first time i can remember this year that the record high has hit the 80 degree mark. that is certainly the warmest record high date we have seen this time of year, february 25, 1930. strong winds have been topping 40 miles per hour at times. the wind chill has been running in the 20's for most of the afternoon and even single digits in far western maryland. there will be snow coming down out of pennsylvania into maryland through tonight into tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the 20's
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and the possibility of wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour late tonight into tomorrow morning at this offshore storm backs out. it is coming from the ocean back west. most of our systems go west to east. this one is actually coming back towards new england and should make its way through a state newark. the tighter they are packed -- through upstate new york. the tighter they are packed together, there will be strong, westerly winds. the storm starts to drift back to the east throughout the weekend. it will be lingering in our area for the next couple of days. 25 miles an hour winds tomorrow with gusts up to 60.
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along the western maryland now is, probably going to talk out a foot of snow over the weekend -- going to top a foot of snow over the weekend. lots of sunshine by monday. >> tonight, one of the marquee events of the olympics reaches its crescendo. the finals of the of women's figure skating. two u.s. skaters will be competing. one goes in to the performance in fifth place and the other stands in sixth place. a lot of pressure on these two. they have won at least one medal -- the u.s. has won at least one medal in every olympics in women's figure skating since 1952.
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the u.s. has 134 total medals -- won 34 total medals. just four years ago in torino, meisner finished sixth in the olympics. a leg injury during training coster a return trip -- cost her a return trip. she does not know if she will try for a comeback for the 2014 games. >> i would love to be there. it is kind of like you want to get back out there in competition, but at the same time i'm like, but we think about this. it would take a lot for me to get back into shape. i want to come back smart and make sure i do not get any more injuries. it is a lot to think about.
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>> that brings us to our olympic text question for the day, which lady figure skater do you want to see win an olympic gold tonight? saniora text to 88509. -- send your text to 88509. standard text messaging rate applied. so far, 42% voting for canada. 27% rooting for america's rachel flat. we live coverage immediately following these olympic games. you can talk to an olympian this saturday afternoon at the
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sports legends museum at camden yards. when the orioles get back to town, they will have plenty of new players. a new first baseman, gerd acton's -- garrett at canneatki. last year, preseason injuries set a bad town. he hit only nine home runs and arrived at the orioles making last year look like a fluke, not a trend. >> i'm just trying to get comfortable, you know, get the flexibility back. get the strength of their with the hands, getting used to swing the bat 150 times per day. as things progress in the next five weeks, we will get more in debt on the things we are trying to work on. >> -- get more in depth on the
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>> here is what we are working for you on 11 news tonight, a basketball game got out of control. teammates and spectators in an all-out brawl. the problem investigators are having in the case. this and much more when you join us after the olympics.
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>> we is keep this know, for now. >> the first part of it. >> [laughter] >> a couple of inches of snow and more importantly, a high wind warning. even just a little bit of snow will be blown around by the strong wind coming through tomorrow. flurries will taper off through the weekend and march is right around the corner on monday. sunny skies and 40's. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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